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Home Goods Wall Decor

home goods wall decor

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home goods wall decor - Faith is

Faith is not believing that God can it's knowing that he will Vinyl Lettering Wall Sayings Home Art Decor

Faith is not believing that God can it's knowing that he will Vinyl Lettering Wall Sayings Home Art Decor

**Please Note*** This is an original from WALL SAYINGS VINYL LETTERING. If you are not purchasing from WALL SAYINGS VINYL LETTERING then you are purchasing a knock off and we cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of the product. Faith is not believing that God can it's knowing that he will. This vinyl lettering comes in Matte Black vinyl and measures approx. 12.5" tall and 26" wide. This wall saying comes pre-spaced on application tape with instructions to make installation quick and easy. Wall lettering is a quick way to upgrade any room in your home or office.

80% (13)

Letter L Large-1

Letter L Large-1

This is a vintage letter "L" from the old storefront signage of a bank. This large monogram initial would make ideal wall decor. In fact, what better way to personalize a room than to spell out your favorite word, your initials or even your name in big metal letters. Use it to embellish your desk or bookshelf or hang it prominently on your wall. The possibilities are endless! The front of the letter is smooth, matte aluminum which is a charcoal grey color. The simple, modern type has serif detailing, adding an elegant flair to the fashionable capital "L". This piece could be easily mounted flush against a wall or background. This letter "L" measures 14.5" (36.8 cm) tall, 12" (30.5 cm) wide and 1.25" (3.2 cm) thick. Please note: these letters are used and weathered and may have missing paint, scratches and other imperfections that add to their character.

Office Wall Art

Office Wall Art

(shitty quality pic - sorry)

I guess it's my ocd-ness but ive always been super good at designing patterns. I literally have a collection of 50 or more, ive made for fun, various projects at work, etc, over the past few years.

These are mosrly based on vintage textiles and I printed out a bunch and added them to this cool frame my boss gave me from Chiasso (which was free since one of the glass pieces got broken during shipping yay)!

home goods wall decor

home goods wall decor

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

When asked to save a struggling auto dealership from bankruptcy, Jeremy Piven and his ragtag crew descend on a small California town to party and wreak havoc... and move some cars, in this outrageously funny comedy.

Look out, Temecula, here comes Don Ready and his band of X-treme salesmen, rarin' to boost sales at a struggling car dealership over the course of a single hardcore weekend. That's the plan in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, a scattershot comedy featuring fast-talking Jeremy Piven as the slippery Mr. Ready, who knows how to lay on the discounts, the free food, and the personal appearances by bottom-tier celebrities. He and his for-hire team (Ving Rhames, David Koechner, and Kathryn Hahn) have three days to clear the lot, or the owner (a game James Brolin) will lose his business. The movie's at its funniest when going for non sequitur craziness (best exemplified by the zany-creepy vibe between Hahn and Brolin's ten-year-old son, played by Rob Riggle, whose glandular condition makes him look like a strapping 35-year-old). Good folks score in drive-by bits: Ed Helms does his best fatuous jerk, Craig Robinson glowers as a grumpy DJ, and producer Will Ferrell gets an extended cameo during which he spends much of his time falling from a plane without a parachute. (He's funny enough that you wish his role weren't confined to a flashback and a fantasy sequence.) The central role is tailor-made for Piven's skills, and he's suitably revved-up, but ultimately the movie leaves him stranded by trying to have it both ways: it can't decide whether it's a totally put-on sketch comedy or a more-or-less sincere redemption story. That won't fly, and the movie sputters accordingly. --Robert Horton

Stills from The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (Click for larger image)

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