Country Cottage Wall Decor

country cottage wall decor

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Giraffe - Round Wall Plaque

Giraffe - Round Wall Plaque

* 4" X 4" X 3/4" Round wooden Wall Plaque with a beveled edge:
* Primed and painted in a flat white.
* Includes an original Walter Silva "Giraffe" illustration print.
* Print is die cut in a scalloped pattern & decoupaged on to the wood plaque and sealed.
* Makes a great addition to a Baby Nursery, Home or Kids decor!
* Hang them on a wall in a collection or simply use it as decorative accessory for home decor.
* Handmade and signed on the back.
* A hanger attached to the back makes this easy to hang.
* Makes a great companion to other Walter Silva Art Blocks and /or Wall Plaques.
* Sealed with a non-toxic sealer
* Hand rubbed with 0000 steel wool for a smooth finish.

com'n in :)

com'n in :)

**Explored May 2, 2010 #388
I swear some flickr employee likes my decor!

We've been living in this apartment nearly 5 years now and we always have a dream of owning our own. But until then... I am not buying any expensive furniture! The couch in the back is a $50 hand-me-down and it is a hideous green, blue and red under the slipcover. It's not the most comfy couch but it serves us well for now.

country cottage wall decor

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